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tv   Eyewitness News at 530  CBS  September 1, 2015 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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there. today the heat, but keep in mind certainly use little rain. this is where we are going, folks, temperatures over the next few days in the 90s, yes, that would mean heatwave. the definition definition, three cause with 90 days of heat, some think there should be other things combined in it, you might be right. ninety-three today, 94 wednesday, 92 thursday. relief not here yet. for sure. september heatwave, that's how we are starting the month, holt, humid today. and i have your labor day forecast, coming up. so meisha, i will give you little preview. okay? we have that heat you saw the next two days. >> yes? >> then i have got nice fun september surprise coming for labor day weekend. thousand? >> yeah, love surprises. thanks, kyla. good morning, everyone, hammy tuesday. it is still early. but the good thing is all of the overnight construction project basically lifting very quickly. shear look know king of prussia area. schuylkill eastbound past 202,
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giving you kind of live look outside few different roads this morning, they are all looking pretty good. no accidents to report, which is always nice. here's a look at 95 southbound at cottman, as you enter into center city, you can see, volume levels, slowly starting to build, at this time of the morning. and we will of course see this increase as we move into the 6:00. >> everybody moving, especially for a busy tuesday, looking at the boulevard, southbound, approach the schuylkill. again, this is another area, kind of heating up. it was really no problem until around pushing toward our rush hour yesterday. but today, looks like, it is heating up fairly early so make note of. that will also, mass transit checking back out of the way, trolleys still bussing, route 15 until the fifth, route 101, 102, still bussing until the sixth. just for those of you taking that way of moving around the area. erika, over to you. >> meisha, a thank you. twenty-five days and counting, hard to believe excitement building for the pope's
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arrival in philadelphia. and for people bumm out about not be able to drive across the ben franklin bridge during the papal visit, there is another way to get into the citiment don't have to walk. >> first on three, january, good morning. >> good morning, we are talking about the ferry, which is docked just behind me here tickets to cross the river now on sale, web side, actually, just went live overnight. let me tell you, we had chance to ride the ferry across the delaware yesterday. it is a beautiful way into the city. penn's landing, and the river font view, about to change. river link ferry that travels between the two banks is now preparing to shuttle thousands of people across the delaware river, pilgrims, forced to finds another way into philadelphia once the ben franklin bridge closes to traffic for the pope's advice.
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>> i beautiful boat, really very lovely to way to see the city and to approach the sit. >> i river link ferry just the latest travel option details france's visit at the end of the month. service will run from friday, september 25th, through monday, the 28th. >> we have very long extended hours saturday, sunday, to accommodate all of the visitors who might be coming from new jersey, over to philadelphia, and then, back again trip takes ten minute, ticket for sale on line, cost $7 apiece, for saturday and sunday travel you must buy two tickets, one for specific departure time from camden and second for a return time from philadelphia. once you lands in fill, the waterfront corporation promises lots to do. >> when you stop at penn's landing drop off for quick bite to eat or drink, and great way to get across the river, very good alternative to some of the public transit and also to walking over the ben franklin bridge.
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>> after all it is a one and a half mile walk. this is a great option. the ferly start on friday, the 25th, from 10:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. it runs saturday and sunday, from 7:30 a.m. to midnight. those are extended hours. and on monday, from 7:30 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. you can also check out river link ferry. com for breakdown of departure times, we also have link on our website of course that's and a friendly remind earn, that parking in this area will be extremely limited soy org -- so organizers suggest you get dropped off, and come early so you don't miss your ride across the river. reporting live on the camden waterfront this morning. jan carabeo, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> such creative solution, jan, thank you. there is a new pr campaign to help businesses in center city during the papal visit. city officials launch the campaign called i'll be there. it includes posters and
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stickers to indicate they'll be open. wawa among the business that is will be open during the papal visit. but, animo will not, siting concerns over deliveries, juice bar center city location will be closed that weekend. >> we have employees outside of the sit, employees traveling from different part of the city, it will be almost impossible to get here with the security. >> the city still expects about a million and a half people, when the pope arrives. >> olds all house, brew brewery street, quote, we'll have beer, not by drone, maybe pony express? told you about the highway closures during the pope's visit. will not be easy getting around. so penndot trying to ease the headache by halting major construction project during that time. we're told there will be no construction related lane closures on i-95, or, on the
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vine st. expressway, during the world meeting of families. the projects will continue after the pope heads back to the vatican. everyone doing their part. the pennsylvania horticultural society will plant its 500,000 tree today. all in honor of the pope's visit. the wide oak tree will be located at saint charles seminary, where pope francis will stay during his trip. local high school student, they built a cross playing an important role. carpentry student craft in the cross, for the youth congress. white cross is curved and over 10 feet tall. student say they're honored to work on such an important symbol. >> to be able to have all of my buddies and fellow classmates and me work on it, build something that can be seen in front of thousands of people, i'm kind of proud of it. >> student at mercy vocational were among the first young people of the thousands who will attend the wormed meeting of families to put their own
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prayers on that cross. well done. 5:36 right now. business news this morning, apple is look to go get into the original programming business. and, samsung announces new smart watch. let's check in with money watch's hen a a daniels, up up at the new york stock exchange with the details for us, good morning. >> good morning, apple is he can morgue getting into the original entertainment business. variety magazine reports the tech giant has been talking to hollywood executives, about producing their own entertainment, the original video programming is an effort to compete with netflix, hulo, amazon, along with other tech companies making their own movies, and tv series. samsung says, it will introduce new smart watch this thursday. it is their latest to ever take on apple. the new watch is called the gear s2. it is equipped with 3d connective at this, comes in sporty and more traditional style. samsung says the battery life is two to three days.
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>> chipotle being sued for it claims that their menu is gmo free. the chain declared in april their food is free of controversial genetically modified organisms. but class action lawsuit, has been filed in san francisco, saying those claims are misleading since most animals feed in the u.s. is genetically modified. chipotle says they plan on contesting this suit. >> yahoo ceo marissa meyer is pregnant. meyer announced on social media that she is expecting twin girls in december. she says the pregnancy has been uncomplicated and plans to work throughout. meyer and her husband already have a three year olson. erika? >> exciting time. had twins here. meteorologist, katie fehlinger, something in the water perhapsment thank you, hena. >> i saw that, congratulations to her. >> i'll it is it it -- pass it along to her, have a have a great day. >> 5:38. today senator chris coons will announce his position on the controversial nuclear deal with iran during speech at the university of delaware. the democrat is member of the
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senate foreign relations committee. vote on that deal is expected to take place this month, when the senate returns the session. >> also, happening today, new jersey's child passenger safety law goes into effect. the new rules are some of the most restrictive in the country whether it comes who how kids should be buckled up. governor christie signed that legislation in may. >> so, if you have a child un the age of eight, listen up here. here are the new rules. from birth, to age two, a child un 30 pounds must be in a rear facing carseat with a five-point harness. from four to eight, kids must stay in a carseat or booster seat in the back seat, until they're at least eight years old, or 57 inches tall. fines, going up, too, range now from 50 to $75. got to keep our kids safe out there. >> 5:39 right now. west philadelphia funeral home is shutdown after investigators say, they found decomposing bodies and conditions, they call, deplorable. investigators say, the funeral
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home at 53rd and vine was not licensed. "eyewitness news" reporter david spunt spoke with the funeral director, and neighbors. >> detective wasted no time getting to the bottom after complaint. lodged against hawkins funeral services in west philadelphia, within minutes, detectives discovered three bodies, one, was in a coffin. the other two, decomposing. >> looks like clearly using a building, that he's not supposed to be using. >> that director blair hawkins, his name on the front of the place, and while he is licensed to be a funeral director, police say the building is not. we tracked hawkins down on his way to meet with police. >> and i'm responsible for the bodies that are being taken care of in there. >> but hawkins insisted several times, police have it all wrong. >> there is a miss understanding. one of the bodies we picked up from the home. and apparently the doctor didn't sign, so it is going back to the medical examiner. >> philadelphia police say, there is much more to the
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story, "eyewitness news" learned, two bodies were not embalmed, and started de decomposing several days ago. detective also say the temperature was much higher than the required 40 degrees. >> deplorable, un accepted behavior. >> home has been in the neighborhood for years, operating un several different names, hawkins came in few month ago. >> they were bringing family members here to be burried, you understand what i am saying, then you have decomposed bodies in there. that's not right. that's unfair. >> that's disturbing. i don't know waist going on. but i'm in shock. i'm in disbelief. because i had a close friend burried here. >> detective also told "eyewitness news" when they arrived, a death certificate for one of the bodies was missing. >> families know what's going on, and i assured them i would follow through with them. >> detective with the department of state also investigating this building closed until further notice. reporting in west philadelphia, david spunt, cbs-3, "eyewitness news". >> in a separate case, three
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decomposing bodies found last week in a garage in strawberry mansion. that garage is on west haague adder street. police say the garage owned by nearby funeral home. they are continuing their investigation. still ahead this morning, getting more details about this weekend's made in america festival line up. also, one direction in town for concert tonight. but wait until you hear where harry styles was yesterday, we'll tell you the popular main line pizzeria he stopped by. >> and, the flag of new zealand may be changing soon from what you see right here. we'll show you the four finalists residents will vote on whether we come back.
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>> headlines on cbs-3, funeral services are set to take place in verge for adam ward. ward, reporter alison parker, were gunned down, during a live broadcast, last week. also, police officer in atlanta is shot and critically wounded. it is believed the officer may have been responding to the wrong house, during a burglary call. the officer's dog was shot and killed. >> crash in ocean county, new jersey, left a mother and two children in the hospital. tells the asbury park press, the woman pushing her two children in a stroll when he struck on route nine in lakewood. the driver did remain on the scene. the police later towed in a car. so far no charges have been filed. >> president obama continues his climate tour of alaska today. expected to hike one of the region's melting glaciers.
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meantime, some republican lawmakers are un happy about plans to rename mount mckinley, tallest mountain in north america will now go by it native nature, mount diurnally. lawmakers from president mckinley's home state of ohio, are calling it a political stunt. but a last cans from both parties hailing the change that honors native alaskans. >> right now, 5:46. we want to check in with kyla and the weather watchers watch are they seeing? >> i think we need theme song for weather watch ers, like da, da, da, weather watchers if you're wake this early and giving me observations, you de is her after theme song. check this out. 07 degrees, already, where barbara is, and she has got 91% humidity. my goodness. 72 degrees showing for david dutch, in clementon, new jersey, and another place, where they are starting offer nice and humid, dew .70. so a lot of people kind of feeling the heat this morning. let's take a look at one more.
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i want to head up to the poconos, because check it out. already at the 70 degrees mark, this is charles, charles, we dig your mustache, just saying by the way, you are also feeling humid. he says enjoy the heatwave. good way to look at it, enjoy t good morning to all of you, we head back home now, see if we can, oh, yesterday, here is good news, all right, so dealing with the heat today. tomorrow, the next day. but the september outlook, below average to the west of us, above average to the south of us, look for us, we should have pretty nice temperatures. so keep that in mind as you show you what i am about to show you, which is that we're already at 74 degrees in philadelphia, 72 in wildwood. seventy-two in trenton. temperatures are up there, if you look at the region, check out new york sit already coming in at 78 degrees. that's up there, and just going up from there. yesterday's high, 9 degrees, it was a hot one, average 83, so that's really up there. and that was our 30th,
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90-degree day, in 2015. so, if we take you hour by hour, hit the 90s yet again today. lot of sunshine, no clouds, to kind of keep us from getting there today. we were close yesterday, but we made it. it will be hot, it will be sticky, humid, and that hi, 93 today. as we get into our overnight hours. still going to be little muggy out there. low of about 73 tonight. it should be mostly clear skies for your evening. but here we go. the seven day forecast, everybody, starting september steamy, sultry, pick your adjective. ninety-three today. ninety-four wednesday. still in the 90s thursday, here comes the break. as we heard toward labor day weekends, and i like the way labor day week send look, friday could have isolated thunderstormment check it o sunshine, pretty nice, we get into saturday, sunday, monday. that is okay, right, meisha, we will take it, maybe head the to the beach, could be quite nice. >> i love it, i think it looks great. yeah, have to deal with little humidity through wednesday, but kyla, you brought all of the good news, good morning, everyone. if you are just joining us,
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welcome. so happy you're here. here is a look at 95 southbound before girard. see volume levels certainly picking up now, and we love course seat increase, almost to the 6:00 hour. and already looking like there is this to will be busy tuesday morning on 95 especially. shear look at the ben franklin bridge, for those of you coming from jersey headed into center city also here, everyone traveling at posted speeds here, but you can see also by evidence of all of the headlights that it will be little busy on the ben franklin bridge, as well. 422 eastbound, at the pennsylvania turnpike, you can see, plenty of taillights, headlights starting to get out there, as well, moving in the eastbound direction. but this is going to be busy as women. for those of you traveling in the king of prussia area, i opportunity keep my eye on this area all morning long. going to the wide though, you can see, things looking really good. everything up to around 55 miles per hour, just as it should or what we always hope for, moving into that 6:00 hour. mass transit, trolleys still bussing, route 15 until the fifth, 101, 102, until the sixth. again, those are bussing.
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pottstown, we have construction, 422 westbound between sanatoga, arm and hammer boulevard. the right lane is blocked until 2:00 p.m. erika, over to you. >> meisha, thank you. looks like british boy band, one direction, is in town, gearing up for tonight's concert at the linc. meisha in town, all morning long, that is harry, right there, posing with fans, campus corner last night, popular pizza shop, on villanova's university campus. apparently hungry for some cheese steaks, posted styles on twitter check it out, receipt includes multiple cheese steaks totalling about $70. so yes. okay, he likes it with onions looks like, got couple of sides, yes, with, with, it looks like, well done. good order. and the line up now set for the made in america music festival on the parkway, concert officials announce beyonce is the headlining act saturday night. she will take the stage around 10:30. the two day festival features more than 50 acts. it wraps up sunday night with
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the performance by group called the weaken. they put the whole schedule for you on our website >> we'll be right back, but first here's what's coming up tonight on cbs-3.
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>> having some fun dancing at the desk here, we are in a heatwave right now. today, marks the beginning, rather, day three of the heatwave. >> this thing could go for few more days, too. kyla has your forecast coming up in just a little bit. first, real great video here, you don't want to miss. >> this police officer, i know, great song, police officer, he jumps right into the fun during a event in the neighborhood, he protect. look at what does here. >> cool. >> love. >> look at him. >> and that's not easy. if you have jumped a rope in the lack decade, you remember, that that is not easy to do. look at him. >> that's double dutch, man. that's serious double dutch right there. >> police officer from prince george's county maryland, oh, come on, now, jumping jacks, outside of washington, d.c.
5:55 am
>> and he is perfect. >> you know towed practice at home, come on. >> well done. now, corporate allen jones says this is his first time he's ever done double dutch. >> what? >> got to applause for that, amazing. >> well done, sir, everyone said they were impressed specially doing the fancy foot work there. >> oh, ya. >> and all of the heavy gear on, keep in mind, he has his gun, his baton, all of that that heavy belt on, still rocking it. >> that's awesome. >> what a great thing whether you see the kids all cheering him on. what a great thing to see in the neighborhood. shock view, and my cheeks hurt from smiling so hard. >> fan that is took see. part of the community there. >> now, i want to go over to across the ocean, new zealand, considering changing their national flag. we have couple of replacements they're considering. >> the current flag, what they have right now, new zealand, this movement to get ridded of the union jack influence, get rid of the whole british influence there. so, we have for contenders, all right? here they are. up and waiving for you, three
5:56 am
of them have popular symbol, it is a fern, that's one that's popular with new zealand ers, as they're called, one also has the cool -- the swirl, has special meaning, new zealand ers will vote on this later this year, and they'll vote to determine if they want to replace the current flag, or not. so put more of their own stamp on it. >> i'm surprised, aren't they also known as the kiwi. >> expecting little bird or little fruit. >> exactly. >> i don't know, i like the red, white and blue. >> welshing yes. >> i have to say i think the black and white looks like pirate flag or something, i think little too graphic. >> maybe the fern then? >> the fern. >> many colors of the fern. see what happens. >> good luck with that, new zealand. >> many doing up: kyla last your forecast, meisha checking the roads, more on. that will also, student headed back to school this week, some, are that means parents will be busy packing lunches. any par kent tell you it is tough to come one some creative ideas, right?
5:57 am
so doctor rob stopping by to give us some tasty and healthy options. listen to. >> this target shoppers, target wants to toast its shoppers, the store's new plan to serve booze. that cart could get pretty full, pretty fast. >> with a glass of wine perhaps? >> oh, my. more on that when we come back at the top of the hour. good morning.
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this is cbs-3 "eyewitness news". >> local funeral home shutdown. this morning learning more about the grim discovery that forces stores to close. also, we're remembering adam ward, the tv cameraman, who was shot to death on live tv. more than 1,000 people attends add celebration of his life. this morning, he'll be laid to rest. >> humidity, don't even get us started. good morning, tuesday, september 1st, i'm erika von tiehl. getting your day start with the kyla and meisha, a just can't catch a break it, seems, weather wise this morning, ladies, little toast. >> i yes, good morning, what would we do without hair spray? even the guys, guys, don't lie, you use hair spray. >> justin has his own can, we all know it, yep. yep. big hair in place, big hair. >> that's right, that's right. >> hey, kyla, how are you doing?


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